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Patrick has been a regular guest on Australia’s popular channel nine “Mornings with Kerrie Anne” television show for more than two years. His regular lifestyle coaching spot began as a four minute segment once a month. He did one segment and they instantly increased it to an 8 minute regular segment every other week.

It showcased Patrick’s knowledge and presentation style that was the perfect fit for the morning audiences. His humour and irreverence became a highlight between superstar Kerrie Anne and Patrick, with both often dumping the script and “ad libbing” which produced high ratings for Patrick’s segments.

He soon became known as a cross between Dr Phil and Robin Williams, such is his infectious speed and humor. Valentines day, relationships, addictions, phobias, he presented them all and Patrick’s popularity grew month by month as he became a stand out regular contributor on the show.


Burke’s Back Yard
highest rating show in Australia

It wasn’t long before Patrick’s television talent was spotted by other programs at the nine network. “Burke’s Back Yard” one of the highest ratings show in Australia asked Patrick to do a segment for them with the star of “Back Yard Blitz, the talented landscape gardener, Nigel Ruck.

The segment took place at the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia. Television host Nigel had a fear of heights from an early age and wanted to see if he could climb the bridge.

Patrick began with a handshake and laughingly Nigel says that’s all he could remember about it. Patrick took Nigel step by step through his remarkable phobia cure and Nigel was overjoyed to have finally conquered his greatest fear. An estimated audience of 1.4 million viewers witnessed Patrick’s amazing skills that night, with over 10,000 emails arriving through Patrick’s email box the following morning.

Patrick’s presentation skills provide viewers with tremendous insights into his highly technical area of work. His humour is infectious and viewers enjoy how he can tell a story, have a laugh and at the same time bring passion and meaning to delicate subjects that prove difficult for others. He is brave in front of the camera and is happy to take risks and deliver powerful segments for audiences.




Once again TV producers were asking Patrick to join them in showcasing his unique gifts. CTC Productions producers of more than 25 years worth of award winning Australian television approached Patrick to film a documentary of his work in the Australian outback.

Logie Award winning TV producer/host and Australian TV legend Don Burke worked with Patrick for ten days. Film crews captured remarkable footage and live demonstrations of Patrick’s profound work for Aboriginal people.


“Never Say Never” TV Pilot

“Never Say Never” was produced as a TV pilot featuring Patrick helping people overcome major life issues. Episode one saw Geoff a giant of a man, petrified of heights, but kept it a secret from his work mates and he was a bush fire fighter. Patrick not only cured his phobia in record time (minutes) he had him climb a ladder and stand comfortably on the roof. The next day just to make sure Geoff was cured he took him to Sydney’s highest building at 309 metre, Centre Point Tower.

Together with Geoff’s wife they stood on the highest ledge and looked down, Geoff celebrated by having lunch 309 metres in the air, a thing he thought he would never be able to do with his wife.

Episode two saw Patrick work with a bank teller who was held up at knife point. The robber had actually managed to get into and behind the counter and hold the knife to this poor woman’s throat. For over two years she couldn’t leave her home or go to the shops, her life was shattered.

Two hours with Patrick and she was completely recovered. Patrick even had her walk to the shops and buy the film crew cups of coffee. He once again tested his work and made sure this woman was safe, calm and very happy. She left beaming and saying she has a life again. Such is the power of Patrick’s work, he not only cured this woman but took the viewers inside the mind of the victim and demonstrated how he was about to cure her. Some segments are here for you to view.



With television talent like Patrick has it was inevitably that TV producers from LA would come calling.  Since its inception in 1994, Film Garden has created and produced six-hundred hours of television programming for a variety of networks including: TLC, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, BET, Public Television, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, AMC, Animal Planet, Discovery Health and many more. Patrick signed with them and continues to work on producing an entertaining series dedicated to helping people live an amazing life.


Patrick has also appeared on A Current Affair and Sunrise








Patrick has appeared on numerous radio programs, ranging from talk back to morning FM commercial shows. He frequently is asked to commentate on news stories of the day and appear on radio taking calls from listeners. His rapport with listeners and his way of delivering a message ensure the listeners get value, knowledge and entertainment. His interviews are always informative, entertaining and memorable.


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