How YOU Can Become A Coach


Life Coaching courses come in all shapes and sizes but the most important part of enrolling in a Life Coaching Course is the content. Before we look at content there is another issue.


There is the choice to make about what type of Coaching you want to offer. Do you want to be a Weightloss Coach? Is your preference to become a Business Coach or Nutritional Coach, Life Coach? The list is endless and often overwhelming for people just starting out.

However through all this confusion remember one thing. There is a MASSIVE shortage of Coaches worldwide. No matter what country you live in there are not enough Coaches to help people.

So let’s take a look at why you might want to become a Master Coach! A Master Coach is someone who has a great view of their world and knows a little about a wide range of things. Better still a Master Coach understands what Life Coaching Courses are available and search out the appropriate content they need most.

Most Life Coaching Course content includes theory and coaching disciplines that do not include treatment. Mastery Coaching is full of treatment and that’s the main difference. In many countries they try to separate the Coach and the Therapist. The problem with that is there is too much of a gap between what takes place in each session.

The Therapist traditionally takes lots of client history and often asks how they felt or feel about an issue in their past. A Coach will attempt to map out a strategy for the client to follow so there is a measurable improvement each time they meet.

A Master Coach however can not only coach their client they can also treat that client to help them overcome obstacles such as phobias, dread, shame, guilt, relationship issues and many other negative emotions that hold a client back.

A Coach cannot do that as they have been trained in a different way. A Master Coach can treat and coach and that is why when you are looking for Life Coaching Courses you need to be able learn treatment techniques as well as coaching ideas.

Let’s get real for a moment.

If a client hires you as their Coach then something is wrong… with the client! If it wasn’t they wouldn’t be hiring you. A Master Coach will immediately uncover the real issues why they need a Coach and treat that first.
A Master Coach is always looking to help the client recover and move forward as fast as possible on their own, that’s where they use their treatment skills. A Master Coach is a teacher, willing to share skills and techniques to everyone they come in contact with.

Unless they do this first, the client is going to be still struggling to cope with what it is that brought them to you in the first place.


If you want to become a Master Coach, who is able to work with everyone and anyone on any subject, then when you look through the millions of Life Coaching Courses on offer, make sure they include at least some of the following:


Every nine minutes a human goes into and out of a mini daydream. If you drive a car you know what I mean. How many times have you caught yourself and woke up to almost miss a turn on the way to work. Or someone is speaking in a group to you and you suddenly drift off to what’s for dinner tonight! That’s daydreaming and we call it Hypnosis. Hypnosis works on everyone; there isn’t one person who cannot go into Hypnosis because it’s a natural state to go into. Hypnosis helps a Master Coach deal with client issues where they have become limiting beliefs or lifestyle habits that stop the client getting to where they want to be faster than any other technique available.

Suggestibility States
Every human has a default Suggestibility State. When you discover what this is your clients will be amazed at your insight. It will help you once again change a client’s perspective on the things that hold them back, especially in their own communication skills.

Mind Power
Most people would agree that the mind is very powerful, but most don’t know how the mind works. It’s vital as a Master Coach that you know and that you teach your client how their mind operates. There is no off on button in the mind, it’s a constant growing machine and arrives with no manual. So when you know what the conscious mind and subconscious mind does it’s often a big wake up call to clients.

The Science Of Your Physiology
When you delve deeper into why a person feels what they feel, you can really educate your client to what is happening to their body. For example when a person feels dread, they don’t feel it in their finger. They may feel it in their tummy (gut) or in their throat or chest. Understanding this will improve your clients understanding of what they do to themselves without even knowing. Here you could potentially save a person’s life. Heart attack, stokes and many more illnesses are often brought on by stress and this module really is important to learn and teach your clients.

Fantasy Creation
Every human creates fantasies; it’s our way of shaping a view upon the world we live in. For example if you were Elton John (the singer) your mind fantasy would be music, melodies and tunes that circulate within your subconscious mind. If you were Steve Jobs (Apple Founder) your fantasies would be to shape a new view of the world where you could do anything you wanted to with technology. Your client’s fantasies are shaping their world through their behaviour and when a Master Coach uncovers this, remarkable changes take place for the client fast.
The reason it has to be fast is no one wants to live with misery or frustration, they want results and they want them fast.

Body Language
Even though Social Media has become the place to connect, understanding body language is vital today as it’s always been. Even with video coaching you need to pick up on these subtle clues that help uncover any incongruences. People give away many clues with their body language that Master Coaches use to help their clients.

The Truth About Disorders
A Master Coach is a person with an open view to disorders. A Master Coach believes that if a client has been diagnosed with a disorder it doesn’t always mean it’s an accurate diagnosis in the first place. Also as time progresses disorders often change along with the person. Therefore the client can become enlightened to the fact that a diagnosis which was once had a negative impact can be changed throughout the Coaching sessions.

Antidepressants & What They Are Doing To Millions Of People
A Master Coach will have the skill to identify if the client really needs antidepressants of not. If they don’t as in most cases the Coach will have a proven method of slowly and carefully helping the client to reduce these additive drugs over a period of time.

Nero Linguistic Programing is as important today as it was way back in the 1970’s when Richard Bandler and john Grinder decided to study the best Therapist of their day. NLP will help your clients understand how they do what they do. Epistemology or the theory of knowledge is a must in any of the Life Coaching Courses you look at.

Communication (Building Rapport)
Your ability to connect with a client is the most important 3 seconds you will encounter. Building rapport no matter what state a client arrives in your office is a skill a Master Coach has developed. Clients will communicate to you in several ways and you need to understand the deletions in their sentences. Also you need to recognise how to Pace, Lead and ultimately Suggest things to your client. This can often happen consciously of subconsciously.

Emotional Freedom Technique, or sometimes known as Tapping is a technique that has been used for thousands of years. Recently becoming popular, this tapping onto the client’s meridian points is like going to an acupuncturist, just not with needles. It’s a very fast form of treatment and a Master Coach will use this technique many times with clients as the teaching process often needs to be repeated.

Law Of Attraction
There have been many books, videos and articles written about the Law Of Attraction, however for the Master Coach the Law Of Allowing is the first place they operate in. Until and unless a client truly understands the Law Of Allowing they will never be able to successful use the Law Of Attraction.

Time Line Therapy
TLT is a process that can be used in several areas of helping a client. Mostly used to clear past negative emotions, but equally effective in projecting the client to a future Time Line where the client can use every modality they possess to manifest their desired outcome.

The Spin Technique
This technique is the fastest way to relive a person’s negative pain and suffering. A Master Coach who has taken this technique and mastered it will become a great asset to their clients. No matter what issue is brought to them a Master Coach trained in this discipline will often leave their clients astonished with the sheer speed and eloquence of this rapid change technique.

Starting Your Practice
For some people starting a business can be daunting, so you must find in all of these Life coaching Courses one that really goes into how to commence your practice. Helping you decide if you go part time or full time. What tools you will need to operate your business. Everything should be included in this vital part of the content of a Life Coaching Course.

Marketing Your Business
In today’s modern world you must have a module that teaches you the very latest in how to get your message to the world. Online marketing has become a trillion dollar industry and if you are not trained you will pour your hard earned dollars down the bottomless pits of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to name just a few.

How To Get Your First Paying Client For Free
It’s not rocket science to think that the moment you begin you will tap into your own contacts. You will let your family and friends know that you are now offering Coaching to people and if you know of anyone please send them to me. However there are a million ways to acquire new clients without spending a dime. Innovate strategies these days mean that you can create deals with people that benefit both them and you.

So look at the content and make sure you can:

Look at previews of the course
Watch videos of former students as testimonials
Find out if they have quizzes throughout the course
Can you contact the Teacher before you enrol
See if there is a payment plan

Decide to become a Master Coach and really reach out and immerse yourself in learning these great skills.

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