Changing Your Beliefs

A belief can lead someone to commit murder, not let their sick child have a blood transfusion, worship statues, fly airplanes into buildings, verbally abuse their loved ones and make their own life pitiful and much more.

So when a belief is sold to another human it can grow, and once that belief is sold to millions of humans, it can lead a country to invade another country and kill other humans who have not agreed with the belief or who haven’t been sold the same belief.”

“Beliefs drive humans to behave in extraordinary ways.
Do you know what beliefs are driving you as a human being?
Do you know what beliefs are limiting you as a person?
Do you believe the sun will come up again (even though the clouds may hide it)?
If you answered yes, are you sure?
If you answered yes, I’m sure, then are you sure enough to have some doubt? (How’s your head after these questions?)”

“So I take it that you have a strong belief that the sun will rise every day. In your mind’s eye you will have a place for your belief of the sun. If you were to close your eyes and think about your sun belief, you would discover that your unconscious mind would provide you with a representation of that belief. It may be a colour, a shape or a sound in your mind. Whatever it gives you, it is your representation of that belief. Because that belief is so strong, it’s easy for your mind to provide you with its representation.”

“Now, I want you to think of something that you’re not sure about. It could be that you think you believe it, but maybe you don’t. Now as you think about this unclear belief, you’ll find that your unconscious will provide you again with a representation of this belief in your mind’s eye. Take a moment, close your eyes and think about this doubt for a while. As you think about it, find out what is different about it compared to your belief in the sun.”

“This second belief is not as strong as your belief in the sun, so your second belief will always be different than the belief of the sun. Here’s the fun and easy part. If you want to make that second, doubtful belief into a strong belief, all you need to do is change it to the same as the sun belief. This might mean you have to move it into the same place you have the representation of the sun belief. If your sun belief is top right hand corner and a blue colour with a dark border then move your second belief there and change it so it is the same as your sun belief.”

“When you do this in a moment remember to look carefully at any little differences between your belief of the sun and this doubt. It could be that the image has more. Does your sun belief have sound for example? Or does it move around? The little differences are very important when you compare and then copy, so look closely for them. Go ahead and do that now.”

“Were you able to change your doubt into a stronger feeling of belief? You know when you do these exercises on your own, your conscious mind wants to interrupt you with remarks or questions about it all. For now just keep going with the exercises, you take control. When you have discovered the differences between these two all you need to do now is move your doubt over to where your strong belief is and bingo, you have just created yourself a much stronger belief.”

“Can you imagine what you can make possible in your life if you create a belief that drives you? Can you picture yourself being able to believe that you can have happiness, wealth, a loving relationship? Imagine what your life would be like when you decide to believe that you will stop taking drugs forever.

Imagine the feelings that will surge through every cell of your body when you believe that you are already wealthy and preparing for even more wealth. You see, when you believe something, your mind doesn’t know if that belief is real or not. For example people with phobias create false fear and then believe it. So they are constantly believing something that is not real and tricking their mind.”

“Creating beliefs the way I do allows you to quickly and easily position a belief in your mind that your conscious mind will not question. Ultimately this belief will grow even stronger within you as you take action with your new behaviour and when you move it into a place of importance to you.”

By programming “your beliefs fast and using your visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and taste senses, you are using the very essence of what makes you who you are.
In summary, to change a belief you first need to:
Identify what that belief is and what benefit it provides you. It may be a positive or negative benefit. There will always be something or some reason at the end
Close your eyes and relax thinking about the belief until you can see it and feel it in your minds eye
Once you have that belief, place it to the side and clear your mind
Create your new belief in your mind and add to it as you build it. See what you want to see, feel what you want to feel, until you have a very powerful state of mind
Move the new belief over the old belief five times really fast”

Remember we are always reconstructing and making new beliefs. We mostly make them without realising, this way you do it with purpose and it’s a way to keep you on track. Good luck.