Uncertainty… what is it?

Uncertainty is a feeling that by now everyone on the planet has felt since Covid-19 was discovered.

Even though we have all felt it more recently uncertainty has been in our world forever.

Throughout the ages history shows us how we have evolved even though we have been often crippled with uncertainty.

To millions of people there was uncertainty about whether the planet was flat or round.

Our brains are about 2 million years old, so going back to the cave men days uncertainty was in their world. Cave men had to hunt for food while women kept the family safe and healthy. Just imagine if today you had to go and hunt for food every day. Cave men and women didn’t have a day off from feeling uncertain.

Early settlers in every continent felt uncertainty. They could not predict what was in front of them. Every day they hitched up their wagons and kept on traveling until one day they found a place to call home.

Imagine if that was you today, just with the clothes on your back and all you could do was walk the planet trying to stay alive.

Imagine how Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins felt when they were the first men to land and walk on the moon.  Their obituaries were pre- written because everyone thought they would never return to earth. The President of the day had already signed letters of condolences to the wives and families of the astronauts.  How did these brave souls overcome their own uncertainty?

Dr Rodger Bannister broke the record to run under four minutes to cover one mile. This feat had never been done before. Uncertainty about whether a human could ever run that fast was everywhere, yet on the 6th of May 1954 he did just that. He ran the mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. For years uncertainty in athletes meant that many gave up trying to run the mile in under four minutes, believing it impossible to do.  46 days later his world record was broken.

What about the people living with Cancer? You don’t think their world changed the day the doctor told them the news that they have cancer? Every cancer patient lives with uncertainty. Over time they learn to manage and live with this uncertainty. Often their uncertainty subsides until test time comes around and then they feel the uncertainty come back.

Today you and I are being asked to adjust our way of life.  We are being asked to stay home.  We are experiencing our world changing and the biggest cause of stress for humans is change.

Understand that you will feel stressed, you will feel uncertain and you will feel a range of other emotions. Anger, frustration, panic, anxiety and many more will run through your body as you work on trying to come to terms with what has happened.

Already we are seeing the horror side of this pandemic and I don’t mean the deaths caused by Covid-19. I mean the senseless murdering suicides of families all over the world. People are becoming delirious and going to the future thinking life is over as we know it….. and that is wrong.

We have had endless viruses and plagues throughout history. Every major world event that impacts all of us allows us to end something and start something new.

So if you want to know how to truly get through the coming weeks and months until this ends, I’d suggest you look to a new beginning, because it will be for millions of us.

Remember when one door closes another one opens…. go look for it.