Starting Over

All over the world people are preparing to get back to some kind of life. No one is sure what the new world will look like or how it will affect them.

Watching this pandemic unleash its devastation it’s hard not to feel sad, lonely, and worried about the future, a time where for many of us, we have no idea what will happen.

During the past six weeks I’ve watched industries collapse and maybe never to return. Then there are other sectors that have been busier than ever, like supermarkets.

I recently read an article about the spacewoman that’s been up in space for the past few months and has no idea what it’s been like down here on earth. Then I had this funny thought.

What if I was asked to explain to the space woman what happened, how would I go? My mind began to race as I was trying to control my own giggles, not sure if that’s the first sign of madness or not.

So I’m telling this astronaut that we have had a terrible pandemic and thousands of people have been killed. Everyone was told to stay indoors and everyone became very frightened.

Then something happened in the world. People began to panic, it was like everyone became sheep and just followed what everyone else was doing. For example, we are in the biggest pandemic in the history of the world, the entire human race is affected by this invisible killer. So what do you think about most?

You’re in the midst of death coming to your door, your family and you are told to stay indoors, but wait, something more terrifying than being killed by a deadly virus, oh yes, wait for it.

The first thing the world thought of when they knew there was a pandemic was, how the F^$K am I going to wipe my arse!

Yes, madam astronaut, it was the first thing the world thought of, not getting the virus and dying…. no, toilet paper and people were fighting in the stores for as much as they could buy.

This panic spread faster than the virus, world wide people were following other sheep and hoarding toilet paper. Why? Because wiping their arse was the most important thing in their life then.

Two months on and there are idiots trying to sell this toilet paper they stashed away, but I think many of us thought, F4%k you. You’re an ungrateful idiot that didn’t care about law and order or other people, all you thought about was yourself.

I have to admit I couldn’t stop laughing as I thought how someone like, Ricky Gervais would have explained it.

My father told me once that wartime in London was his worst nightmare. He was ordered to be the guy who made sure everyone obeyed the sirens when the German planes began to bomb London. He would hurry people down the bunkers and shut all the curtains and turn the lights off.

The nightmare part was he was always the first one out to make sure it was safe. He would quickly survey the area and many times found dead bodies. These were people who either didn’t obey the sirens, because they didn’t believe they would be killed or they just couldn’t get to the shelters in time.

MY Father would carry these bodies to an area out of sight and cover them before letting people back into the streets of London. To me that was far worst than being asked to stay indoors with your family.

As the months go on we will all have to come to terms with a new way of living. No one will be shaking hands. It will be a very long time before concerts or movies will be safe for us to go into. Until then this new way of life is going to challenge all of us.

Here’s tip that was passed on by both my parents and I’ve passed it on every day since. Be grateful for what you have, because it could be a lot worst. When you feel grateful, your mind and body connect into a quieter inner peace. A place where your breathing even becomes slower and deeper, giving you these wonderful energy drugs within your own body.

So whenever you feel overwhelmed by any of this, tell yourself to STOP, take 5 slow deep breathes and tell yourself how grateful you feel. Then feel it.

As for the future, I can’t wait.

I have updated my online courses to help people who want to become coaches.

While in lockdown I began to write my seventh book, this one is going to be a novel. No it isn’t about a pandemic, my publisher has already told me there will be far too many of those next year.

My next book is something I’ve been planning for some time now and I hope to have it out for this Christmas 2020. All I can say is it’s an awesome story, a thriller, and has a massive twist at the end that you won’t see coming.

Stay safe  and well and be kind to each other.