January is the problem

January is a very difficult month for many people. It’s a month where they may be still getting over last year (and no wonder) and perhaps feeling very uncertain about 2021.

You may or may not know what is currently stopping you from living an amazing life. So to help you work that out here are some of the things people have told me over the years and on my TV show that have stopped them, perhaps they may resonate with you.”


This excuse is very popular with people who spend their life blaming their parents, their siblings or anyone they can think of. Now remember these grown adults who have made adult decisions about their own life, turn to me and tell me it was their upbringing that stops them living amazing lives. Can you believe that excuse? Yes I do understand the influence parents have on us and I’ll be covering that in more detail later, but to use parents as an excuse is itself the very thing that does stop them.


This excuse is given as if it is someone else’s responsibility that they didn’t have an education. I must admit I might sometimes take this one personally as my education didn’t really kick off at all until my adult years. As a young boy I had dyslexia, but nobody knew. I still have trouble in that area to this day, that’s why it’s a difficult process writing a book. To make matters more difficult I was a brilliant soccer player in my youth, so teachers took me out of class daily to go and demonstrate all my soccer skills. My father was a champion Irish footballer so he gave me his gift. However by aged 13 I was teaching Physical Education lessons at my school and never went back to another lesson myself. I played soccer every minute of every day for years and my education was as poor as it could have been.

So you can understand how I sit in my chair listening to this excuse and want to jump over the desk at some people, slap them and wake them up. If someone like me could re-educate myself anyone can.


This excuse is a very powerful one because when a person creates this belief it can be difficult to dismantle. Be aware that both males and females often use this but for different reasons, at different times and for different outcomes. It appears that when people reach a certain age society dictates what they can and can’t do. Don’t get conned into thinking you have to retire, you don’t have to.


A belief can lead someone to commit murder, not let their sick child have a blood transfusion, worship statues, fly airplanes into buildings, verbally abuse their loved ones and make their own life pitiful and much more.

So when a belief is sold to another human it can grow, and once that belief is sold to millions of humans, it can lead a country to invade another country and kill other humans who have not agreed with the belief or who haven’t been sold the same belief.

Have you checked your beliefs lately?

Beliefs drive humans to behave in extraordinary ways.

Do you know what beliefs are driving you as a human being?

Do you know what beliefs are limiting you as a person?

Do you believe the sun will come up again (even though the clouds may hide it)?

What do you believe?

Patrick McNally P.h.D