Here’s How Patrick Cured A Height Phobia On His TV Show!
Patrick's Story 01

Patrick's Story

Tied to a chair at school and hit by Catholic Nuns!

His school teachers tied his LEFT ARM to the chair because back then using your left hand was not good. He was severely Dyslexic and you would have thought that was enough, but no there was one more piece of his early education that was even worse…. Catholic Nuns beat his hands black and blue three times a week every time he couldn’t speak fluent Latin. But through all the abuse “Patrick had become the best soccer player of his age in the country” and thus he ended his schooling at the tender age of fourteen to play the game he loved.

How He Changed It All 02

How He Changed It All

Just When Things Were Ready To Explode

A week before he was to sign professional soccer forms for English Club Chelsea Patrick was knocked down in a hit run incident that left him in hospital for 4 months fighting for his life, thus ended his professional career, before it began. He spent one year drinking and suicidal before a Coach came to his rescue and reminded a young Patrick that he should be grateful for all that he had achieved already. Eight months recovering Patrick fought back from the brink. He training through pain to reach a level of fitness that kept him playing even though it was in lower leagues. From then on he began a lifetime of learning, taking in as much education as he could.

A Second Chance 03

A Second Chance

From suicidal kid to TV Host & Celebrity Coach

Patrick began to teach what he was learning and students and clients began to swarm into his office wanting to learn more. Patrick was approached by a book Publisher and has written 6 books. He then got offered the Resident Lifestyle Coaching segment on Australia’s Mornings with Kerrie Anne on Channel Nine and spent 4 years helping and entertaining TV audiences. From there he was offered his own TV Show and Celebrities began contacting Patrick to get help. His recent online coaching courses have been a smash hit with clients all over the world and he is busy putting more and more of his work online for others to use.
He still sees clients today from his offices and on video worldwide.

Patrick Offers The Following Services

Private Sessions

You can book your private session here.  You can choose to visit his offices one hour north of Sydney or connect via video.

Online Courses

Patrick’s online courses are available from his company website Power Training Corporation.  These courses are constantly being updated and added to.

Business Coaching

You can book in a FREE Business Consult here. Patrick works with a wide range of organisations from start up’s through to multi nationals. If your business or idea needs proven strategies then grab a FREE Consult.

Public Speaking

For an event to be remembered book Patrick for your next event. With a wide range of topics to choose from your audience will laugh, cry and feel emotions they never thought possible, all while digesting his important message. To discuss your requirements click here.


Patrick is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author. His books sell worldwide and are available for download here. How To Live An Amazing Life” went to #1 on Amazon in less than 4 hours, such was the anticipation from his readers worldwide.

Hypnosis Audio Programs

As one of the world’s leading Hypnotists Patrick’s Hypnosis Audios including Phobia Cures as well as his popular Weight Loss and Smoking Cessation program. You can download these here.

"Thanks to your training my team have improved productivity 200% and they love it. The series of lectures you created really hit the mark Patrick, thanks again."
"My business was like my marriage when I came to see you Patrick ...dead. Yet somehow you helped me see a different view of my life and got me and my business back on track. I can't thank you enough for everything you did for us".
"I wanted to let you know that since taking your Life Coaching Course my life has really changed. I've lost weight, got a lot more energy, improved my relationships with my family and I have finally found the courage to start my Coaching business part time. I couldn't have asked for a better Mentor, thank you Patrick."