Ending A Relationship


In my humble opinion the number one reason people break up is the overwhelming feeling that either one or both must be right … about anything or everything and at any cost. They will argue forever that they are right, which means you must be wrong. And the stupid thing about all of this is that arguments normally leave both you and your partner feeling terrible.

Ask yourself was it really worth it being right all the time. I’d rather be happy than right!

When a relationship ends it’s painful…sometimes very painful, but one thing I know with certainty is…… eventually you will move on and live your life.


Here’s what happens to a person mentally when a relationship ends painfully. First, if you are the one being dumped, you go into a state of disbelief. You begin to question your actions first and then, as you exhaust your options, you turn your attention to him. You ask yourself, ‘How could he? What sort of man would do this?’ There is one underlying factor behind all this thinking and questioning: you want to know why. You tell yourself that if you knew why the relationship ended, you could do something about it. If you’d only known what was wrong, you could have changed it. Things might have worked out differently. There are many reasons for a relationship to end, but the same line of questioning enters everyone’s mind. Patrick will show you why and how relationships end and how you can live again… even though you may think at first you can’t.