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Private Session Packages    SAVE $30.00 PER SESSION WHEN YOU BOOK A PACKAGE.

These packages SAVE YOU MONEY! and get you booked in to work with Australia’s Celebrity TV Lifestyle Therapist.

If you want to get physically fit, you don’t just do one session do you?
If you want to lose weight you don’t just stop eating for one day do you?
That’s why these packages have been designed, to get you from where you are… to where you want to be.

When you buy your private sessions in bulk it not only saves you money, it gives you the commitment you need to change what’s not working in your life. So come on select the package that works best and remember you can spread your package out over a suitable period of time.


Patrick McNally Ph.D. has been a Therapist and Coach for over 30 years. His Books and Audio Programs sell worldwide and his list of clients reads like a Who’s Who.

Patrick appeared for more than five years as the regular Lifestyle Coach for “Morning’s with Kerrie Anne” on the Australian Nine Television Network. He has featured on TV Shows, A Current Affair, Sunrise, and as a regular guest and commentator on Talk Back Radio. He has also starred in his own TV Show helping people overcome their greatest fears.

His new online Coaching Courses helps people improve their personal development and teaches people how to become a successful Life Coach.

In his private practice he deals with a wide range of issues, including anxiety, relationships, parenting, drug and alcohol addictions, phobias, and many more.

As the best selling author Patrick has written six self-help books and numerous papers. His latest book titled, “How To Live An Amazing Life”  is a masterpiece full of case histories of real people making changes in their lives that will truly inspire you the reader and reached No. 1 on the Amazon Best Seller List for paperback and e-book.

He holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, is a trained Clinical Hypnotherapist, an NLP Practitioner and is one of the world’s leading Change Clinicians and operates a private practice on three continents. He is a regular media commentator, appearing on Breakfast and Morning TV as well as taking calls from listeners on the many Radio talkback shows he appears on. He has featured in Pilot TV Shows on Fears and Phobias.

He is a Master Public Speaker and uses his sharp wit and infectious humour to its full extent, offering audiences worldwide, laughter, fun, entertainment and knowledge. He and his team design and deliver Peak Performance Training Programs in Australia, New York, and London. Patrick works with high profile Celebrities, World Class Athletes, International Government Officials, Government Departments, Politicians and Organisations worldwide…. and now he will help you!

So select the package that works for you.

Remember, you can always change it once you have had your first session with Patrick.



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