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Welcome to the website of Patrick McNally PhD

27b7725This website is constantly being developed to include a wide range of Self Help Programs including Face To Face Private Sessions, Hypnosis Download Programs and Video Conferencing for both Private and Business Sessions.

For many years Patrick has been treating a wide range of clients for issues including anxiety, depression, suicide, addictions as well as helping families overcome trauma and grief. As well as his work on TV and radio Patrick works as Life Coach helping his clients with career choices, personal development, relationships, self confidence and many more. If you need new ideas to improve your life or someone you love get in touch today.

As an Amazon No.1 Best Selling author Patrick’s books and e-books are available from this website via his online store. As you can see under the Downloads area Patrick is now creating a range of leading edge Hypnosis Downloads so you can get the help you want when you need it. As this area grows we will let you know via this website, Twitter and Facebook when new titles are added. If you would like a personalised Hypnosis Program of your own recorded for you please contact us for details .

In the meantime here are some of the services Patrick provides. Read more

Hypnosis – Used Around the World

People have been changing their lives using Hypnosis for generations


As well as helping people change unwanted habits modern Hypnosis is fast becoming a skill everyone wants to learn. Every few minutes we humans drift off into a daydream (that’s Hypnosis). Have you ever been in a conversation and you began to drift off? It wasn’t just that the person who was speaking to you lost rapport, your mind had better things to do at that moment in time.

School children who need to reduce the stress of exams use Hypnosis. Workers who need to conduct a presentation to fellow staff use Hypnosis, Pregnant women use Hypnosis before, during and after childbirth. People with addictions or anger issues use hypnosis. The list of issues that can be treated with hypnosis is truly endless.

Leading surgeons use Hypnosis to operate on patients

oodool_logoIt’s these extraordinary results and successes that has led Patrick to form a team of specialists and create a brand new Self Help shopping experience located at www.oodool.com. You will be able to download whatever help and treatment you require from the store and interact with Patrick when you download programs. It’s being updated all the time, so take a look and check out the first series of hypnosis downloads and ebooks today. We are uploading new titles every week.

Have you ever been in a conversation and you began to drift off? It wasn’t just that the person who was speaking to you lost rapport, your mind had better things to do at that moment in time.

Patrick conducts workshops on Hypnosis as well as working one on one teaching the power of Hypnosis and how it can benefit you in your life. Today more people are using Hypnosis than ever before. The mystery and myths have been lifted and today hypnosis is a trusted and safe way to make changes in your life. If you or one of your loved ones needs help then contact us today.

You can book face to face sessions as well as online Skype sessions. Read more

Want to know more about how Patrick can help your business and staff?

Your staff have the ability to transform your profits… if they know how !

If your team don’t understand the power of influence, you are losing money. Everyone on the planet has the power to influence another, yet few people understand how to harness that skill set in their business. Turnover, sales and profits begin to increase the moment your team learn how to use “Conversational Hypnosis” in their everyday work life.

Maybe you are thinking of starting your own business and you need some tips on how to stay in business after the honeymoon period is over. Perhaps you have an existing business and your staff need fresh ideas and new techniques and skills to make their lives passionate again, so your business thrives and grows.

Your business needs to grow otherwise your competition will take more market share and your business will suffer. Innovation, new ideas and motivation are skills your team need to continue to develop if you are to stay ahead of the rest. For a free business consultation please email Patrick today.Read more

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